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Issues and Suggestions

If you would like to report a player, please see the Report a Player instead.
Issues and Suggestions is for technical and gameplay related issues and suggestions only.

How To

If you’d like to report a technical gameplay issue or suggest new features, you can do that here.

When submitting an issue or suggestion,

  • you must state which server you’re referring to, whether it’s an issue or a suggestion, and a detailed description of the problem
  • you must put the server you’re referring to in the topic title
  • you must be specific and detailed when describing the problem
  • you may include screenshots and reference pictures related to the problem
  • you must create a new topic in the Issues and Suggestions Tracker

Other info

  • No joke submissions
  • You may respond to other issue topics, especially if you want to help.

Applicable servers

  • Zink Prop Hunt
  • Zink TTT
  • Zink Skill Surf
  • Zink Discord
  • Zink TeamSpeak
  • Any of the Zink websites (this forum, the donate page, the homepage, ect.)

Example Map Issue for Prop Hunt

[Prop Hunt] Players can get out of bounds on ph_example_map

Prop Hunt
Issue or Suggestion:
Description of problem:
Players are able to get out of bounds by double jumping over the fence near the dumpster containers at the edge of the map.

Example Map Suggestion for Surf

[Surf] Map Suggestion surf_example_map

Issue or Suggestion:
Description of problem:
Here is a tier 3 map that would be great for the surf server
Link to download map: https://example.com/maps/198900

Example Server Issue on TTT

[TTT] Disconnected from server when F13 is pressed

Issue or Suggestion:
Description of problem:
When I press F13 on my keyboard while on the server, I disconnect from the server and cannot rejoin.


  • Why can’t I just DM you or tell you the problem on the Discord server?

    • The simple answer is that it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll forget about the issue and it’ll get buried under new messages. Doing this here will make it easier for us to know what needs to be fixed or added.

  • I told a staff member about an issue on a server a while back and it never got fixed. Should I post that here too?

    • Yes. If there’s an issue that hasn’t been submitted here, please do submit it as a new issue.

  • Why isn’t Nystrata’s survival Minecraft server, TinyPandaHero’s modded Minecraft server, or the other servers on the list above?

    • Those servers aren’t official Zink servers. You’ll need to notify the respective owners of those servers individually.

    • If you’re having issues with Nystrata’s Emulinker Server, please notify him personally on Discord.

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