About the Report a Player category



When making a report, please include the following details as best as you can:

  • Which server did it take place on? Be sure to title your topic with “[Prophunt]”, “[TTT]”, or “[Surf]”
  • The name (and Steam ID) of the player you are reporting.
    • To see someone’s Steam ID on Garry’s Mod, you can use the status command in the developer console.
  • Explain the situation and why you are reporting it.

Please avoid sending messages like “WE NEED STAFF NOW. CAN STAFF HELP PLS.” This kind of message does not contain much useful information and doesn’t make it easier for us to help you.

Please keep this in mind while reporting. Adding important details and tagging the right server makes it easier and faster for us to respond.

(If you have an issue that is personal or private in nature, feel free to DM any of the online staff. Staff will be denoted on the right with either, Owner, Prop Hunt Staff, TTT Staff, or Skill Surf Staff.)

Some helpful tips from the Staff Team

  • :clap: When :clap: You :clap: Tag :clap: Staff, :clap: Tell :clap: Us :clap: What :clap: The :clap: Issue :clap: Is :clap:

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