Ban Appeal and Report of Admin Abuse


Your in-game name: CheeseManYT
Server you are appealing for: Zink Gaming Hide and Seek
Your penalty (Ban, mute, voice gag): Permban
Reason why you believe that your penalty should be lifted: Basically I was playing and a guy named The Joker had used !respawn or whatever on himself so i said thats admin abuse … Then i was perm banned :confused:


I am assuming you mean prop hunt? As far as I know, we don’t have a hide and seek server.


Ok so you been causing problems on the server, you start off wanting a kid kick from the server just because he was a kick and keep bothering the kid and would not lessen then you was asked to stop and then you stopped after you got gagged then you started to disrespect joker until you was gag again but after that continue to cause trouble and started calling him a bad admin and saying admin abuse to him and when he went to have a little fun and jailed exploded himself you started calling admin abuse witch it was not he was just having a little fun and was only doing it to himself and then when you was going to leave you told him to kick you and started harassing him saying that he was a bad admin and abusing his powers and you keep telling him to kick you so personally you should not have been doing what you was doing and you would have never got banned. (was a witness on the game)


I banned you for multiple reasons and you’re not getting unbanned anytime soon. When you first got on you were trying to lead people to other props locations while being dead, got disrespectful towards another player which made him left the server, and then wanted to try being disrespectful towards me. I was being very nice to you before and you kept trying to put yourself in trouble. I have multiple people that were there with me that will agree to what YOU did. When I spawn myself, I always strip myself from weapons and do not interfere with them. I’ve tried to be nice to you and you still refused to listen, and then want to say I’m abusing my power. Apparently the !gg command is abusing, when mind you I give you a grenade if you don’t spawn in with one. Most maps you don’t get to have one and so I always give a grenade to the players that don’t have it. I will not be unbanning you for how toxic you were towards not just the players but to me as well.


Okay after talking with Joker, as well as Moon. They informed me of your attitude towards players on the server, as well as ghosting. It seems to me that because you didn’t get your way, you started to bad mouth a staff member. This being said, unless you have actual proof that Joker abused his powers in a way that is actual abuse, not using commands that help with gameplay, such as the !gg command, which is a command that allows us to give grenades to those who do not spawn with one. It does not give extra grenades, if you have one, you do not get an extra.

Some staff do spawn in, though if they !strip themselves of their weapons, it’s not really seen as abuse because they can not kill props. If they are giving away locations, however, would be abuse. Again, if you feel that the reason for your ban is unjustified you can reply with your argument against what was said. I do listen to both stories.


Your kidding right? He banned me after I started calling him out for spamming commands. I don’t give a damn because the server itself isn’t impressive when the staff spam commands


Well, alright then. If you don’t want to make a comment on the allegations on you, then we really have nothing to talk about. Have a wonderful life. Goodbye.