Ban Appeal (banned for aim/wall hacks)


Your in-game name: Aleg/ProperlyGood
Server you are appealing for: Prop Hunt
Your penalty (Ban, mute, voice gag): Permanent Ban
Reason why you believe that your penalty should be lifted:
I recently got banned for aim hack/ wall hack when, honestly, never hacked in my life.
I have over 2000 hours just on Prop Hunt and I’ve been playing for 3 years, possibly a bit more. I’m also an ex-admin for a prop hunt server and am very experienced in prop hunt in general.
Honestly, I really don’t understad why I’ve been banned. I’ve played on the server many times (mostly as properlygood) and never once had a problem, not even been accused of cheating.
I know swordbird, and am pretty sure he could vouch for me when I say I am just a good player. Not cheating and never will cheat.
I was well aware that you were “testing” me while in the server. But, it’s extremely easy to get kills on Zink. Since you can hear the other team, hints are regularly heard and props can be found easy. Even just the opposite team talking about their spots and saying something like “I’m next to the radio” is a good hint, since I’d most likely know where they were since I know how many radios are on the map and where abouts they are for example. I am well aware that the way I play the game is suspicious, but in no way am I hacking. I was banned a while back on server, I appealed said ban and it got approved since the admins realised I am just experienced and not a hacker. You can go through this ban here: if you wish. I’d like to be unbanned since I do enjoy the server and I just don’t deserve to be banned since I haven’t done anything wrong.
Thanks for your time


Hello Aleg/ProperlyGood

So as you know now, I was watching you while in the spectator mode. I watched you for about 2 matches in total. So we have a couple of things to talk about on this, because I have dealt with hackers before, and know the signs for hackers.
#1. While you were going through the map, you would snap to certain areas at certain points, which is due to the lock on system of the aimbot. This happened while you walked, and SOMETIMES while you were chasing props.
#2. Instead of searching rooms thoroughly and looking for props, except for the time we tested you, you would go right of to props, even the ones that were so well hidden, our best PH players couldn’t find them, and killed them without any problems. Now, this wouldnt be a problem if they were actually obvious, or actually giving hints, which brings us to
#3. No one was giving legitimate hints. We had one dude who we had to gag because he was giving false hints, and others who were either silent, or barely even taunting. No one was giving any hints that could lead to you being able to run right up to the prop and find them. The only times anyone said things like “Im next to the radio” or anything similar was at the end of the round, when there was like 10 seconds left.

In summary. You were indeed using hacks, because of the snapping while walking through the map, locking on to props that were in completely different areas. For walking straight up to props without any hesitation or thought that they would be somewhere else, like you know exactly where they are.
I am not the only admin who saw this happen as well. The Joker was watching you from before that day and asked me to watch you because he thought you were hacking as well, but he hasn’t dealt with them as much. I do appreciate the way you brought this appeal, but personally i have to keep the ban because I had enough evidence to say you were using hacks. There is a chance later on we could lift the ban and give you another chance, but that time is not anytime soon. I am sorry that I am keeping the ban, because you are really nice and kind. But the hacks were evidently there, without any doubt in my mind.
Thank you for being courteous about this. I do hope you have a nice day and merry Christmas.

  • Sir McAfee


Appreciated. I am aware I do play suspiciously but I was never hacking. Hence why I went to swordbird. I know he knows I would never hack and knows I’m just a good player. I won’t be any trouble on the server. Thanks for the reply anyways :slight_smile: