Ban appeal, Deathrun



[State your commonly used in-game name or Steam name]
Texas7412 (steam name)


[Choose one: Prop Hunt, TTT, Skill Surf, Discord, or Website]
Zink Deathrun


[State your penalty: Ban, mute, voice gag, or other (explain)]


[State why you believe that your penalty should be lifted]
I joined and was instantly banned For “Cheat detected” I don’t know what i did wrong, I started gmod normally and decided to join a random deathrun server and was instantly banned… I don’t cheat at all…
// Read How to Appeal a Penalty before posting!
// Remember to put the server you are appealing to the topic tile also!


Hello Texas7412, you are now unbanned and I apologize for the inconvenience. Hope to see you on the server!