Ban Appeal for Naomi


Your in-game name: Naomi imoaN
Server you are appealing for: ZInk TTT
Your penalty I got banned for 1 week (Ban, mute, voice gag):
Reason why you believe that your penalty should be lifted: I complied with the wishes of the admin to change my name so I did. I wasn’t impersonating anyone anymore then 3 or 4 rounds later all of a sudden I get banned for 1 week without warning. keep in mind this was several rounds later and I was not impersonating anyone my name did not match anyone’s name on the server currently the only thing I had was a matching picture which is very popular and belonging to the furry community to which I am a sympathizer. I played for several hours with no incident ask the players on at the time I behaved and even made a friend with Pineapple and was fond of the Elite Chaos and Sammie fellow. I understood I was a little rapscallion but the punishment does not fit the crime here a 1 week ban is a lot of time I might add. well I suppose my well written and courteous appeal will be taken into account and considered properly I have faith with your senses of justice. as always Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Ban appeal for Naomi The sequel
Ban appeal for Naomi The sequel

First off, I had to ask you not to impersonate Moonrose, who is a mod on our server, then I asked you not to impersonate Naomi, who is another regular on our server. You continued to argue, So I said that I was tired of arguing, thus you changed your name to “I’m tired of arguing” simply because I said that.

I asked you “Really?” and you made no comment. The reason It took so long, was because I went to the owner of TTT, to ask him what I should do in this situation.

It was obvious that you were just downright insulting me because I made you change your name.

Ban appeal for Naomi The sequel

Finish the reply ol chap


Well considering your still using another members name. The ban holds, wait out your week and rejoin if you want. But when you come back please be respectfully to players and staff.



Continuing the discussion from Ban Appeal for Naomi:

I have already made a Ban appeal but since I was immediately locked from replying and I was not done defending myself I have opened another one

My name was just a sentence it was not even insulting. It feels unproportionate to ban someone for a whole week based off a non-threatening sentence. which I was going to change the round I got banned to Naomi imoaN to avoid further issue.but alas I was banned before the reform give peas a chance and you m’aam give Naomi a chance at reform in another life we could have been jolly friends. just for emphasis 1 week does not fit the crime and I have put in the effort to make a thoughtful and considerate appeal.Im sure you being a witness to my character could say I was not aggresive nor threatening except on the occasional T role I might say (oh ho I believe I made a funny) but enough with being so facetious I plea with you, NO in fact I Implore you to look deep within your loving heart to unban a condemned soul such as mine. (as an unofficial bribe I’d give you a hug)

Also only allowing 1 reply and subsequently locking the appeal seems counterintuitive as there wouldn’t be a legitamate review you would just still want to keep said appealer banned and they cant even reply back. just my thought on the subject

p.s. Because I attempted to gain contact to the admins who were ignoring my friend requests and locked my previous appeal I tried to joined on another account and was banned on that one too for even longer so I guess I’d like to add number 2 account to this appeal as well

reason:"attempting to bypass a ban"
reason why I think that was unjust was I was merely trying to get an admins attention to review my ban once more I wasnt attempting to bypass a ban


I am not as concerned about the ban on gtavpcbro but ya know it would still be nice to be unbanned on that one too.


Trying to bypass a ban with another account usually leads to a permaban on all accounts. So if i was you, based off of everything ive read AND heard, you should just wait the week. Tiny is obviously not going to lift it, it was obvious that it was meant to be rude towards the admin, and it literally is only a week. It could be a permaban. So just wait it out. If you really want to be a part of the server and show us that you are better than you showed us before, you would wait the week, and then come back and not cause any trouble.


lemme prove it right now it is an inproporionate ban for the crime and unecessary as I had stopped at the time of a 1 week ban she’s clearly upset but i dont wish to wait a whole week as i’d likely forget about server whats the harm in unbanning a friendly player after already being banned for an hour and a half and having spent time writing long and thought out appeals.


Listen. They told you to stop with the names and copying, (Which btw, your name still is copying Naomi…) and you then insulted the admin by taking her words and making it into a name. You have a one week ban. If you try to bypass it again, ill go tell the owner to make it permanant. You do seem like you want to be back on the server. So if you really want to be back, wait the week. If it is that important to you, you will not forget the server. There isnt a “harm” in it. The problem is you arent going to learn anything if we just unban you. So, wait the week. Come back. We have banned regulars for longer and they waited the time and came back with no problems whatsoever. You can do the same. I do thank you for not getting mad in these appeals, but please, never try to bypass a ban again. Unless the owner/the admin who banned you comes on to the forums and says you are unbanned, you will be waiting a week. Have a goodnight. And if you want, easy way to remember the server is to add it to your favorites on Gmod. OR you could try out Prophunt/surf and save those.


I kept it as Naomi because its just a name now and a pun I made it original no need to threaten a permanent ban. and the lesson has already been learned even prior to ban after i was kicked i stopped. do you honestly believe I would do all of this to be unbanned just to get back on and do it again? also it seems a little illogical to only allow my banner to repeal me as that is like asking a police officer who arrested you to let you go. My motivations are clear and sincere if you will not unban me at least reduce my sentence to a day or something more appropiate a week is for like mass rdm or ghosting. one would not execute someone for stealing candy from a store would you? isn’t it clear I repent have I not made myself seem less unworthy


So i got banned from the discord for calling someone friendly
i had gone 6 lines without referring to the banning and was subsequently removed
so id like an appeal on the discord ban as i want to continue the discussion on the weather and I feel as though all my words are just seen as hollow gestures to you all if I was a current member of your community I wouldnt be treated so harshly I believe if at the very minimum i’d have my ban reduced but just because im an outsider I must be banned with little regard on the first offense with no chance of reconsideration
those are my final words it doesnt matter to me anymore you people were nice on the server but your true character shows cold and unforgiving im sure you guys have the capacity to change but I probably wont be around for that so i guess this is all
and with that i am done.


What do you mean you people?


EliteChaos was a regular and got banned for 2 weeks without appeal because he was completely wrong. He came back and everything is okay. So uh…yeah. You just have this sarcastic demeanor that ONLY brass is allowed to do. So tah tah for now. Have a good life. And learn to respect others :smiley:


Unless you wanna take this EVEN further, this is still only a week ban. Continue to not drop it and itll become perma :smiley:


I was trying to be nice a the beginning, but as you continued to pester and push for the appeal, we let art true colors show. As stated many times, you impersonated staff, as well as other players, and tried to twist one of the other staff members words into a username out of spite. You WILL have a week ban from TTT as well as the Discord until you can cool down, as well as staff discussing it further. Thank you for your time and we will see you back in a week if you choose to do so.


I come off as sarcastic? well it seems I have been misunderstood. I speak naturally in monotone and write in an overtly formal style. I have nothing else to say.


Or maybe you can stop trying to get smart and let the week go by? You can survive a week ban, and trying to copy someone’s name IS considered banned.


Naomi is a real name you cant claim just naomi. and i dropped the rest of the name
I am not trying to be smart. you think all of this is a troll? it is not I am entirely serious


Well its done. So have a good week okay? :smiley: