Ban Appeal for Naomi


It will be a sad week


I want to make one thing clear, I didn’t decide for it to be a week, I would have done 2 days. It was Johnny, the Owner of TTT who had said to make it a week.


Continuing the discussion from Ban Appeal for Naomi:

I have already made a Ban appeal but since I was immediately locked from replying and I was not done defending myself I have opened another one

My name was just a sentence it was not even insulting. It feels unproportionate to ban someone for a whole week based off a non-threatening sentence. which I was going to change the round I got banned to Naomi imoaN to avoid further issue.but alas I was banned before the reform give peas a chance and you m’aam give Naomi a chance at reform in another life we could have been jolly friends. just for emphasis 1 week does not fit the crime and I have put in the effort to make a thoughtful and considerate appeal.Im sure you being a witness to my character could say I was not aggresive nor threatening except on the occasional T role I might say (oh ho I believe I made a funny) but enough with being so facetious I plea with you, NO in fact I Implore you to look deep within your loving heart to unban a condemned soul such as mine. (as an unofficial bribe I’d give you a hug)

Also only allowing 1 reply and subsequently locking the appeal seems counterintuitive as there wouldn’t be a legitamate review you would just still want to keep said appealer banned and they cant even reply back. just my thought on the subject

p.s. Because I attempted to gain contact to the admins who were ignoring my friend requests and locked my previous appeal I tried to joined on another account and was banned on that one too for even longer so I guess I’d like to add number 2 account to this appeal as well

reason:"attempting to bypass a ban"
reason why I think that was unjust was I was merely trying to get an admins attention to review my ban once more I wasnt attempting to bypass a ban