BanMe™'s Ban Appeal


Your in-game name: BanMe™
Server you are appealing for: Zink TTT
Your penalty (Ban, mute, voice gag): Permanent Ban for possible hacking.
Reason why you believe that your penalty should be lifted: The server seems enjoyable, and I do not think the ban was justified. I would like to see what evidence led to my ban if there is any. I would very much enjoy playing on the server again.


It would help if your name wasn’t ban me


you were banned on suspicion of hacking as well as multiple vac bans being on file. if you can provide evidence against the sudden gain in skill in the form of a video of you playing, I will unban with no issue. I hope there are no hard feelings you will be unbanned when you gather evidence of you being as good as was seen. join the discord and send me (johnny) a video of you playing that good


Also while spectating you I saw all of your shots hitting without the cursor being over them plus the vac bans on rerecord. again feel free to get back on.


Here’s a playlist of me playing before I was banned.


you have been unbanned, I apologize for the misunderstanding but it seemed like you got really good really fast and with the vac bans on record I wasn’t sure thank you for submitting proof hope to see you on again soon