[Death Run] Crazytaco2zday's Staff Application






Age Check

Is older than 13 years of age:




I’ve been a regular on the server for about 2-3 months. The only past experience I have for being staff is when I was staff on Blackjack for Bloodrose, for about 7 months until the server shut down. I am applying for staff mainly to help clear out AFK players and to enforce the rest of the rules, as it can be frustrating to other players when people don’t follow them. A few things that might be important to know about my schedule is that I’m only 16 so I have school still, and being the only mature child in my house hold, often times I am called upon to pick up others slack. I should be available most days starting at 4(maybe 6).


After some thought and consideration, I am going to decline your application. You can always apply again in 30 days.