Falsely Banned for Ghosting


Your in-game name: ICantFuckingRead
Server you are appealing for: Prop Hunt
Your penalty (Ban, mute, voice gag): Ban
Reason why you believe that your penalty should be lifted: Roenald ray gun and I were accused of ghosting. Believe what you want…we were not. I was spectating him because he is my friend and we were in a discord together, so I wanted to watch how he did. I can’t help if he got extremely lucky and found tons of the props in the game. I honestly have a lot of fun on this server and I hate to see that I get banned for something I didn’t do. I don’t want to have to wait 2 weeks for something I didn’t do. I don’t want to have to say goodbye to this server for something I DIDNT DO. :frowning:

Permabanned for Accidentally Bypassing Ban
Permabanned for Accidentally Bypassing Ban

Alright. We had multiple people watching your friend, including myself, walk around, pause when being told where props are, going straight to the spots you are told, looking around said spots to make sure you hit the exact prop, and the getting the kills. You usually go 1-3 when yall are on the same team, and when yall are on the opposite team, you just so happen to get 7 kills when your friend is also dead. Also, you both have been given plenty of chances to show that you are better than to be banned. You showed us today that you are not. I will have my witnesses reply. From me, the ban is not going to be appealed. Either wait the two weeks, or just don’t come back. Doesn’t matter to me. Have a good day.


I was asked by Sir McAfee to kill myself and spectate Roenald ray gun; and since I can spectate either in first person and or third person, I spectated in first. I noticed that he was randomly shooting a barrel that was on its side, that clearly couldn’t be a prop… then he would constantly look at the prop in the corner of his eye. He then flicked his camera directly at the prop and shot the big obvious prop, that not a single hunter had noticed and ended up with 7-0.



Having played with you and your friend before, you 2 have cause some problems in the past couple days. Not only is Sir McAfee correct in that your k/d ratio is usually low but also we gave you multiple chances to straighten up and act like decent players. To suddenly go from a low k/d to then a high one is something that def needs to be of concern. On top of that you bragged about it and said that you were on fire that round. I actually felt for you guys when you wanted to talk and apologized but because of what you did, that sympathy is now gone. You tested the waters to see what you can get away with and this is the consequences, sorry but you will have to reap what you sow.


Before you got banned for ghosting and ALSO disrespecting Staff during that time. When both of you were caught you then tried to pretend to act like nothing was happening. Not to mention you also tried being rude to McAfee which also lead to the ban. Then when you came back you were banned again for trying to pronounce a racial slur in different ways after being warned to stop. Let this 2 week ban go by, in the meantime think about what you did was wrong. It goes out to both of you honestly. Just give it some time and let this 2 week ban go through.


To say that I bragged about being on fire that round is just fucking false. I never did that. Maybe my friend did. And I can’t help that he went off that game. Coincidence.


I can’t help that he did really good that game. I don’t know what to tell you. I wasn’t helping him, I was just spectating.


I realize why I got banned the first two times. I really do. This time, I did nothing wrong. But alright. I never ghosted. Oh well. I guess someone can’t spectate in piece anymore.


Ok. He noticed the prop that no one else had noticed. Somehow that’s proof of ghosting? Maybe he is just a better player. I just know that I was spectating in piece without telling him where props were. But oh well.


All in all, two weeks are staying. End of discussion. We have our proof. Deny it all you want, it was VERY obvious. We are staff for a reason. We spot this stuff. If you really want to be back on the server, you will wait the 2 weeks. Plain and simple. If you try to do anything such as bad mouth staff/anything that is a rule for our servers on the discord, you will be banned from there, and I will make sure to turn this into a permanent ban. Thank you for trying to be civil, but im sorry, the civility you put on here, is the complete opposite of how you act on the server.
These players are my friends. They are my family. I am not going to have two player disrespect them and think its okay. Think about what you obviously did, and have a good 2 weeks. If you don’t want to come back because of this, that is perfectly fine. But if you aren’t going to play on zink servers, I ask you to leave the discord. Thank you.


Alright, you said earlier in the day that roenald normally only gets a couple kills per game, then it suddenly shot up to 6 or whatever. Well, let me give you example of how that is possible without ghosting. I will use Fortnite. I typically only get a win in fortnite every few days, as I am still getting better. But today I went off and got 3 wins. I think that is the same thing that happened to roenald. He just suddenly went off. But oh well, if I’m banned for two weeks, whatever. I will still come back because this server is great. I wish I could play with you guys sooner.


Good try but no. Doesn’t work like that because you don’t have someone telling you where people are on the map on fortnite :slight_smile: Bye


Being able to tell where people are (ghosting) was not the point of my analogy. I was simply comparing that you can have a really good day in a game one day, and then do crap the next. I’m sorry you couldn’t comprehend this.


Based off of what several of my staff have said, I believe they had enough reason to ban you based on the facts they listed. However, When someone is banned and appeals it, if they believe it is false, I read everything. It appears that there is a lot of issues with you guys being on opposite teams. To put this matter to rest, Once you are unbanned and if you both decided to get onto the server again, please play on the SAME team. If you can prove that both of you can at some point get between the 7-8 kills they are talking about while being on the same team, then the matter will be solved will it not?

However, if you continue to argue with staff, and refuse to take to reason the issues we are having with the possibility of ghosting, then I’m afraid the problems will only get worse and more actions will be required.


We were on the same team but then roenald had to restart his game. When he got back on, we asked to be on the same team, but McAfee decided to blow us off and said “y’all can be on separate teams for now, deal with it.”


At this point yall were disrespecting other players and the teams were balanced and it was too late. Yall knew the rules apperently from going into the MOTD so much. Also, buddy. You cant bypass the ban. So I hope you have a good life. You arent getting back on the server. Ever. Your friend can if he wants when the ban is done but nope… no bypassing. You fucked up. Buh bye.


look at discord I wasnt trying to bypass


Why did you ban me from the discord? I didn’t message other staff about wanting my ban repealed.

This is my response to your last message sent to me.

I didn’t expect for you to be oh nice guy at this point. I’m talking about in the very beginning when I first met you, you were a total dick. And that is before the beef started. And also, I didn’t disrespect your friends and other staff. I disrespected you one time and I clearly remember it. That is when I got my first ban. The second ban, I didn’t disrespect anyone at all. I was just joking around with a fellow player on the server about saying words like “tigger” and “the n word.” I wasn’t trying to test the staff. I really believe you are getting me and my buddy Roenald Ray Gun mixed up with one another. And I wasn’t trying to refer to you as a regular admin, don’t take it personal buddy boy.


I told you not to talk about the situation. It was done. And i mean… Its shown that im not the only person who knows that you were disrespectful. Sorry. We dont need you here. So have a good life. Sorry I couldn’t give you the respect you think you deserve.


I’m not asking for you respect. I just want you to be nicer dude. I hate to see this server go for something I wasn’t trying to do.