Im here to ask for forgivness. I know what I said was crude and insensitive. Im normally not like this but when Im around friends I feel pressured, but that is NO excuse at all for what I said to the players and the admins on the server at the time. You can never know what expirience people have with harassment of such magnitude and you CANNOT make that assumption for yourself, and for that I am deeply and truly sorry. I hope that in your heart somewhere you can find the strength to forgive me, it might be hard given what I said could stick with a person for several lifetimes. I had a rough upbringing in my house through verbal abuse and other terrible accounts of abuse. My stepfather was an African American, the one who wronged me, and I find using slang like the forsaken word to comfort me as if somehow and someway I am getting revenge on him. The past is the past and you have to let it go, and not define who you are in the near future. Again Im so so so so sorry for what I said and I hope all can be forgiven. The server was truly fun and hope to donate in the future to help support it, you guys seem like your community is well balanced and fun and friendly all around, and thats something I adore truly. Again I hope this can be water under the bridge, even though it seems like too much to even ask. All I want, is another chance, for redemption.


After discussing your appeal to the other Staff, we have decided that we will not unbanned you due to your actions on both Zink PropHunt and the Zink Discord. Take care, and goodbye.