Gay Piano Noises. Hello


Hello there, I am Gay Piano Noises. I once helped fund this server before acting like a total dumbass and getting myself banned. Zink was my first Garry’s Mod family before I lost the respect of multiple people after I lied, told them I would DDos them and made an alternate account to fuck with them. They banned me about a year ago, and I still come back from time to time to see how they are doing. I still very much care about the journey of Zink, for whatever that means.

I am back now because I have changed, whether you believe me or not. While I still jump servers today and help fund them, I always direct people who are looking for new servers towards Zink. I constantly want them to have a flow of members. I know most of the people around Zink still hate me for what I did, I forgive myself. I have become a better person than I was back then and would like to come back to my family, despite my past issues. I will take the time to rebuild the trust and friendship of others, even if they don’t want me to. I am here again, and I deeply apologize for my shit ass behavior about a year ago.

I am Gay Piano Noises.