Hi, I'm Nolan. Most people call me Nolan. You can call me Nolan


I stalked Colin on steam about a year ago and saw that he was playing GMod…like…a lot. I thought to myself: “what about that old-as-dirt game could possibly be fun?” So I hopped on and joined the server he was playing to be greeted by a slew of missing textures and gaggle of shouting strangers.

“Colin, this is hot garbage. I have no textures and everyone is so loud…and I have no idea what’s going on. Why isn’t anyone shooting each other?”

“Bro, just go get CS:Source for the textures. I promise it’s worth it”

“But it’s like $15…”

“I will literally buy Source for you. It’s worth it.”

“Fine, Fine. You don’t have to buy me Source…”

So I picked up Source and rejoined the server. My weekends have never been so unproductive since then. Let me be clear: TTT is not fun. TTT with the Zink family is outrageously fun. You guys make the game, and I’m glad to have played it with y’all for so many months now. I’m a little older than most of you, so I can tell you that communities like this; I mean small, somewhat intimate communities of friends, are extremely rare. Stick with what you’ve got, because you guys are awesome!

Any-who, I’m Nolan. Stay in school and don’t RDM.


Aweh Nolan. It’s always fun playing with ya <3