How to Appeal a Penalty


How to Appeal a Penalty

This is the place to be if you want to appeal a ban, mute, gag, or any other penalty you recieved on the server.
Keep in mind:

  • You must state the server that you were penalized on: Surf. Murder, Prop Hunt.
    • You must also state that in the title of your topic like so,

      [PropHunt] ExamplePerson’s Ban Appeal

  • Explain why you were penalized and why the penalty should be lifted.
  • You may only post an appeal only for yourself. You are not allowed to appeal on anyone else’s behalf, unless told to do so by a Staff member.
  • Do not post replies except on your own thread or on a thread that pertains to you. Replies and comments on report threads that do not pertain to you will be ignored and removed.
  • Please use English to the best of your ability. (Posts such as “plz unban me” or “omg the staff here sucks” will be ignored.)
  • Penalty appeals are public and can be viewed by anybody.
  • Failure to do any of the above may lead to the rejection of the appeal.
  • We may choose to accept or reject your appeal.

To begin the appeal, create a new topic thread in the Ban and Penalty Appeals section.

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