How to post images in our forum


[size=x-large]How to post images in our forum[/size]

Due to space limitations on the forum, we have limited the maximum size of images.
However, you can get around the limitation by hosting it on another site, such as Imgur or DeviantArt.
This tutorial assumes you’re using Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox.

[size=large]Uploading the image on Imgur [/size]
[size=medium]Skip to Adding the image to the Zink Forum post if you already have your image hosted somewhere else, like DeviantArt[/size]

[*]Go to (I recommend you register for an account, so that your account name appears on picture you post. Not registering will result in your image being posted anonymously in Imgur, which may make it easier for others to steal.)

[]Click “New Post”

]Click “Browse” and then find the picture file you want to upload.

[*]Your image will be displayed on the next page, continue following the instructions below

[size=large]Adding the image to the Zink Forum post [/size]
[size=medium]This applies to almost all sites, including DeviantArt[/size]

[]Right click the image you want to add to your post, and then click “Copy Image Address” (On Firefox, it’ll be “Copy Image Location”. On Edge, it may be simply “Copy”.)

]On the Forum Post editor, click the “Insert an Image” icon in the toolbar (The icon left of the mail icon).

[]Paste the image address you copied earlier into the “URL” section.

]Congratulations, your image will now be posted!