I am Meow... Muahahaha


Hello… I am MuahahahaMeow, you can call me Meow or Sarah or crazy cat lady… pretty much whatever. I’ve been part of the Prop Hunt server for about a month now, and have been Trusted for about 2 weeks or so. You may occasionally see me on Surf, and most likely won’t see me on TTT. I first joined Zink around a year ago for a little while, but I stopped going on it as I took a break from gmod. So, I came back and Zink PH was the only server on my favorite’s list so I joined and I had a lot of fun and I have been coming on almost every day since. I’ve made a lot of friends and you guys are awesome. So awesome that I choose to play gmod with you guys instead of pretty much any of my other 1,354 games. That is all! <3


Aaaaaaaand now you’ve introduced Meow…

Only 1,354? Welcome!