I am Owner hear me ROAR!


Hi! I am Chase (Daemon, Probably a potato, SynthKaiser) I am the silent (but not that silent) owner of Zink Gaming. For those that don’t know me that well i created Zink Gaming about 3 years ago as a Minecraft server network.
It started out originally as MC Misfits! But thats all a very long story that I’ve told a few times. maybe sometime in the future ill elaborate in a Text Post.
Any-who about 2 years ago after going through many different endeavors Nystrata (who was Mp4T back then) who was a mere lackey on the server asked me if he could do some things to my server box. Me feeling defeated and annoyed said sure go hog wild and do whatever. Well that ladies and gents is how Zink Prophunt was born. From there Nystrata his pruned our community with a little bit of help from me into a fully flourished into a wonderful little place.

ANYWAY i like cake, and pie, and fox’s. AMA if you dare know the answer. :slight_smile:


(who was Mp4T back then)

Who even knows me by that name any more lmao


SHUSH ANTONIO. words because this shit needs them