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so i switched to a new computer recently, an imac (i know, terrible for gaming.) whenever i try to play prophunt, an error message pops up saying that i don’t have the maps. i bought and downloaded CSS, made sure it was mounted on the gmod home screen, and it still hasn’t helped. i’ve searched the internet for answers but nothing seems to help, so here i am harassing you guys. literally any help would be much appreciated. papa bless
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also if i’m able to get it working again i’ll be more than happy to make regular donations


I’ve edited this topic’s title and moved it to General, since it’s not specifically a server specific issue.

Regarding your problem, I’m inclined to think that the issue isn’t directly related to CSS, since Zink Prop Hunt doesn’t use any CSS specific maps, since we don’t use maps that start with the cs_ prefix.

Make sure that you’ve enabled Allow all custom files from server in your game’s options.


it’s enabled already :frowning: and like 90% of the maps show up next to the servers as red as well


Well quick thing. If CSS isnt the issue, then CSGO could be. Do you have Csgo? Do you have l4d2? Some of these games have the textures that could help. Mainly Csgo. (This is what i think not a for sure “know”)


i dont have CS:GO but i do have l4d2. i’m worried about buying CS:GO because i already spent the money on CSS for nothing (i dont even know how to play it lol) but if it’s something that you guys think would definitely work, then i’ll do it


From what ive understood you should have both. I dont play CSS but i have it and its helped alot. Mainly for Surf
So yeah. Might get nys’s confirmation for it though.


Csgo will not be the issue and most likely neither is l4d2 please join the discord and I can help you further there


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CS:GO is almost never needed