Im not a bad person i swear we all make mistakes


I am here because i messed up and I know this. First i would like to say im sorry to anyone I hurt emotionally :sunglasses: second i can get really insensitive when things that i dont feel are fair happen like how i was gaged for saying nothing :frowning_face: so i let my anger out on others now this is no just or fair reason for me to say things so heinous and terrible. and last i would like to apologize to any staff i hurt in my tangent. this will NEVER happen again and i will put my first born child on this. :smiling_imp: i really love this server and have been thinking about donating for quite some time now thank you for your time and i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. :expressionless:


After discussing your appeal to the other Staff, we have decided that we will not unbanned you due to your actions on both Zink PropHunt and the Zink Discord. Take care, and goodbye.