[New Gamemode] New Gamemode Suggestions


With the Surf server closing from public access soon, we may decided to host a new server in the future to take Surf’s place. If we do decide to host a new server, we’ll need a game to host on it.

With that, you may suggest new gamemodes for Garry’s Mod that you might think are fun for Zink! If you find an idea that you like, vote for it by :heart: liking the post.

To submit a game suggestion, please post a comment reply with the following

  • Name of the Gamemode
  • Brief description of the game
  • Official download link (can be on workshop or the developer’s site)
  • Any informative videos, pictures, or resources that help me and others understand the game

You can also submit entirely ideas from entirely different games that support dedicated servers (like Minecraft), but those suggestions have a really low chance of being considered. (Mainly because I’d also have to own the game,)

This doesn’t really have a deadline [yet, anyways]. This is just an ideas thread.


Basically, your goal is to get to the end of the map to kill the player who is trying to kill you, named Death, by using traps. If you play TTT, the traps are similar to those. It can make things disappear, or just flat out kill you. Death presses a button to activate the trap. You can not see Death until after you reach the end of the map depending on which ending you choose, but Death can see you through a one-way mirror.


-similar to ttt, one (or more) people are designated murderers and given a knife to use to kill the other players in the game. the other players are designated bystanders and some are given a “secret weapon” which is a gun to use to kill the murderers before they kill the bystanders
-http s://steamcommunity. com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=187073946
-i apparently cant post links


how about a new game like unturned a zombie survival game where u start with nothing and build to survive the game can be played however you want and its has mod support so players can suggest new weapons, items, and forms of transportation!