Perma banned from TTT for rdm?


Your in-game name:Gucci
Server you are appealing for: Zink TTT(and the zink discord, i have other uses such as zink ph)
Your penalty (Ban, mute, voice gag): perma ban
Reason why you believe that your penalty should be lifted: listen. I know I’m not innocent. But I’m def. not as guilty as everyone makes me seem. Most of the Zink server doesnt like me. I’m kind of an asshole. I have ADHD, my impulse and in game hype triggers that more. Im not trying to blame anything or anyone. I know what I did was wrong. but FOR SURE not worthy of a perma ban. From what I remember this kid was rdming people on community bowling. literally 3 people on, me, him, and moonrose. When i was T he would rdm me. I asked moon to handle it, but no slays were added. Next time it happened again, moon again did nothing. Then no matter if we were both innos he would try and shoot me. About the 3rd round after everyone rdms, moon comes back, and of course because i shot first and damaged first even if i didnt die, moon blames the whole thing on me. Why this leads to a perma ban idk. I know I’ve done things in the past. Cant cntrol my reputation. But I want to control my influence on the servers to the point where staff don’t leave when i join. When i report someone and they yell at me for it. When i rejoin the zink discord to deal with ph issues and i get banned from the discord after literally saying i got kicked,hi. I cant help but feel that some of this is bias. Once again, totally not blaming anyone in particular, although it was really hard to recover this link since all those i was friends with from zink unfriended me or blocked me on discord including moonrose the “staff” that was on during the incident. Do i think you’ll forgive me, no. All i ask for is unbias decisions. If I leave the server then get reported in game(not of salt to play rocket league with swordbird22 most of the time actually), i get banned instead of slayed. I always stay to wait out my slays, but I havent gotten ANY lately, only bans. All I ask for is unban from the discord, so I can play PH, which is the reason i downloaded GMOD in the first place. I have never caused a problem on PH, was almost staff/trusted on PH, until i got more involved with TTT. I know all the rules, can moderate and i help people there. If you deny this request instantly, all i ask for is my discord privileges back. Thank you for reading and putting up with me ~ Gucci


Gucci, you have been warned about your MANY tries to shoot people and, when they shoot back and kill you, you report them and claim they outright RDMed you. We have >video footage< of you attempting to revenge RDM because, in your words, “Staff isn’t online so we can do whatever we want”. You have tried to use ADHD, medication, and many other factors as excuses to get out of bans and other punishments. MANY staff members and other parts of the community have ADHD, medication, and problems but yet, they can control them yet, yours are just make you do things out of spite? Also, a flaw in your story is the factor of Moonrose not being a staff member until AFTER you were banned. She was trusted and in a period where she was soon to be promoted. You have been warned and banned before, many times to stop yet you continue and refuse to listen. We have had many people come forward and make claims to you practically harassing them after you were banned and messaging saying that “you were banned for no reason and staff hates you” and asking them to ask staff to unban you.


Moonrose was the one who filed the report, and I said I’m not trying to blame it on anything. I said that I have problems and I own up to that. Also not trying to start anything, but don’t you have to ask before you record? And so am I allowed back on the discord for ph uses? And to answer the last claim, everyone who WAS my friend from sink, Unfriended me because of permaban I guess because moon blocked me on discord too after she explained everything, so I tried my best to contact who I could.


Woah woah woah woah when have I ever said staff isn’t online so go nuts? I have called staff online for that very reason, people were going nuts… that’s why you’re all pisses whenever I try and report


(I don’t know if this is my place to get involved or not but I would like to add this) Gucci I never blocked you on Discord, and the reason why I removed you from my friends list off of steam (I removed you when you got banned the 1st time ) is because the only reason why I added you was because when I was new to zink you and Will (When he played and I removed him too) would Always KOS and kill me and where I was new I didn’t know that I was so post to report it and you 2 said if I added you, you all would stop KOSing and killing me all the time so I added you and I admit you didn’t do it as much to me after that but still did it to me and you did message me and complained to me about stuff when I was not even made trusted, and for the trusted bit Gucci, you played on the server for to know that trusted can only do so much, besides you was the one who tried to prop kill me and the other person killed you for it, then you had a prop again but didn’t hurt anyone that time but he did kill you and the next round you tried to kill him and he killed you, with me during all this trying to talk to you two about it but neither of you wanted to lessen. (I still have the Pic of the damage logs if need).


The kos was pre round and no one ever followed up on it, I always said just kidding don’t do jt instantly after


Alright, even if you do just keep me banned from ttt, can I at least have the discord back for ph which I’ve never done a thing wrongs Ever on and almost became trusted on


Only a few KOS was on pre round you did it during the games to the 1st time you started doing it you did spam it a bit and you would also say KOS me and shot me right fast you said it.


You’ve been banned before and warned plenty of times, and hearing about you pretty much harassing moonrose and this other stuff, I don’t think you will be unbanned from the discord any time soon, if at all.


Hey guys, any updates?


If you havent been unbanned by now you probably arent going to be


I haven’t talked to anyone to let it cool over, and I was talking about discord… I was banned from that for no reason, after I joined back, I said hey guys” then got banned from it. If you aren’t going to ban me from ttt, I get it, whatever, but I have no outstanding or even standing issues for that matter in prop hunt. Which I used to frequent before ttt rose. Only reason I haven’t been on it is because I can’t talk to anyone on it anymore since I can’t reach them


Any word on the discord ban guys? Even if it isn’t for ttt… I won’t even mention the incident. I know you guys are afraid I’ll start things up in the discord, but I won’t: I just wanna be there for ph, like the good old days