Permabanned for Accidentally Bypassing Ban


Your in-game name: ICantFuckingRead
Server you are appealing for: Prop Hunt
Your penalty (Ban, mute, voice gag): Ban
Reason why you believe that your penalty should be lifted: First of all, I got banned for 2 weeks for ghosting. Anways - I love this server. I have two steam accounts. One, I bought gmod on like 3 years ago. The other, is my main. I family shared the accounts to share games. I wanted to see if that would let use my main account on gmod servers. I clicked the first server to join that I saw (which happened to be zink because it is favorited) and then I realized that I had joined zink so I backed out. Now, I am banned for life instead of just two weeks. (The original ban was for ghosting). And McAfee will not actually try to understand where I am coming from. Instead he just replies with “sucks.” So if some other admins could look at this and have conversations with me that would be nice. McAfee please don’t remove this man. I am begging you, I fucking love playing on this server I shouldn’t be permabanned for something I wasn’t trying to do.


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