[Prop Hunt] Custom Model Suggestion -- Solid Snake



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This is a player model I would like to add to the server after i donate. This is one I would like to be available for everyone.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Naked Snake (it’s the name given to Jack by Major Zero during MGS3, not implying NSFW) models under 4 Mb, so the above is Solid Snake from MGS4. (Along those lines, is 4 Mb truly a hard limit/cap? The proper Naked Snake player model was a bit under 7 Mb.)

Also, apologies, but I couldn’t figure out what “mark the topic as Suggestion” involves here.

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Cordially plagiarized from McAfee’s topic, with due adjustments.

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Morphos, After you make your payment I will add the model in for everyone.
- $30 if you want your model to be available to all players


Hi Tinypandahero,
I’ve just tried to sign in to the donation page about 10 times in 3 different browsers (Steam browser, Firefox, and Chrome all on Fedora 28), but it doesn’t register the sign-in, so I can’t make the donation. Any advice on getting that working?



Sorry for the late reply

Steam recently started enforcing HTTPS so I need to update the panel accordingly. That can take a few days from now.