[Prop Hunt] Gucci's Staff Application


Your in-game name: Gucci
Server you are applying for: Zink Prop Hunt
Your age (We require our staff be 13 years of age or older.) (If you wish to keep this private, please contact us.): 16(in 5 days from when I created this topic)
Your Discord tag: Gucci#0504
Your past experiences or why you believe you would be suitable for staff on our server: (just to start this of I’d like to note that i hope past ttt troubles wont come into replies when responding on this topic) I downloaded Gmod for the sole purpose of prop hunt. It took me about a week until I found a server I liked, and that was Zink. Ever since, I’ve been learning and playing and socializing. I think my first time on the Zink server had to be(i wanted to check forums but I realize I cant draft this and check on the same browser so) I’m going to estimate since possibly Aprilish or sooner of 2017. Back when I used to be on every single day, I was a very good and helpful zink member, friendly to new players/members of zink server, pointing out illegal spots, asking for team balance, calling admin when things got rough. I’m going to try and get back into playing more often as I used to(now that im 3/4 finished with my 2 knee surgeries) And because I feel this topic might be left alone from the other issue(ttt) I will address that I don’t expect you to say yes to this(right away if even at all) and might make me reestablish myself as the former trusted player i used to be on prop hunt. But as I was going to say, While that gamemode might have been an issue for me, i have never been gagged, muted, (besides when admin come on to mute a whole server, even then joker(random example) usually asked me what was going on and unmuted me so i could explain)or more importantly, banned. I love prop hunt and wish to continue to make it better and better. Thank you.


We are not accounting what happened on TTT with what happens on PH. But we are full on staff at the current moment due to the new staff we have just hired. We do want you to be on and reinsert yourself again to gain back trusted before we go any further with this application.
– PH Staff


i figured as such, yeah, im going to be on a bit more, and try and reconnect to make up for the time ive been gone.


any updates?


I honestly just got back to Prop Hunt. I had been gone for 4 months so give me a little to get things sorted.