[Prop Hunt] Hockeywhat's Application



Server you are applying for:Prophunt
Your age (We require our staff be 13 years of age or older.) (If you wish to keep this private, please contact us.): 22
Your Discord tag: Hockeywhat95
Your past experiences or why you believe you would be suitable for staff on our server:
My Steam name on here is Hockeywhat95 and it has never changed ever since I came to steam. I am 22 years old and I’ve been with zink since about late February, early March when a friend was sever jumping. Ever since i came to the server and loved every moment of it. I’ve been a trusted on the prop hunt server since early May, and I have handled situations with ease and to avoid any conflict that needed any staff. I know that this is on hold, but this application has been out since August so I thought just to transfer it to here from the Steam Community group
Well with that, Thank you for reading this and if you have any questions, just ask.


May i wonder what the status of this application @tinypandahero


At the current moment we aren’t really taking staff. I’ll keep the staff app here for when we are.

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