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Description of problem:
There are GIGANTIC hit boxes, it’s way to easy to kill someone but that may just be a personal preference, some times when I shoot some props it takes 10 health not 5, it’s laggier for most people and me among with a few other have noticed that the loading time was longer. The damage is way to high, a grenade used to not kill a t pose but now it does easy. I don’t know if it’s the damage or the hit boxes but it is messing a lot of people up.

I don’t know if you can uninstall updates or if we are gonna have to get used to it, either way is fine but I figured I’d let ya know!!!

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I will try to figure out if there is something the new update changed within the game play, or if its something that happened server side. I’m not sure how long it will be to get back to you on any updates, but once I can figure out whats wrong, I’ll let you know.
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Apparently, the bigger hitbox is actually the accurate hitbox

Prop Hunt used to use two hitboxes - one would be inside the other. Remember in the old prophunt when you’d shoot a cup or a can and you can clearly see blood pouring out but they actually wouldn’t take any damage? It’s because some of the bullets were hitting the more accurate outer hitbox but the outer box wasn’t programmed to take damage. The inner smaller hitbox wasn’t based on the prop you used - it was based on an antlion gib model - a really tiny model found in HL2/GMod. So, the bigger hitbox that wasn’t programmed to take any damage was shielding bullets from the smaller antlion gib. The change in the update made it use the prop’s more accurate hitbox instead of the gib.

What y’all were used to with the smaller hitboxes was actually a bug the entire time.