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ConeX Gaming#0403

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I’ve been on the server for approximately 3+weeks. My past experiences entail me moderating many different Discord servers, some that have fizzled out, and others that are still going strong to this day. I have also founded a clan in the past that garnered around 600 members where myself and a good friend of mine managed it. Clan’s name was PB (PureBlood). I was also a mod in training or a Helper role in an old Prop Hunt server called Stronk Like Russian bear. Though it has been a long time since I’ve been a mod on any particular server on Gmod I do have extensive staff experience in many other things. I am also a counselor in training for a summer camp called Experience Camps. It’s a camp for grieving children who’ve experienced a loss. So I have some social work experience as well. I know how to diffuse situations effectively and I love to be of help. I feel I would be suitable for those reasons. If you want to inquire further about the things I do please feel free. I’m a pretty talkative person and will be glad to share more. I want to be a part of the staff, the reason being is that I love being of help wherever I go. Now that I’m kinda a member of the Zink regulars I want to take part here too. I hope you will consider me!


Welcome to Trial Staff on Prop Hunt. Please be mindful this is the first steps to staffing on Zink. You will be given a mentor to help you learn the ropes.

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