Prop Hunt Models


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Issue or Suggestion:

Replacing old models for Prop Hunt * Models that were added due to donations will remain up. *
(Closing on 3/28/19) Remember all models has to be under 4mb

To vote, Please Like the post to the model you want * Do note that you are unable to like your own posts, I’ll factor that into the count *


Requesting to keep Mewtwo

#4[JJBA]+DIO+Anime+Reskins I want this pls

White Heart NEXT Playermodel/NPC


I recommend to keep the trex model or at least replace if with a different dinosaur model

Nanatsu no Taizai | Meliodas (P.M.&Ragdoll)

#8 we must keep this beautiful creature alive, for the sake of humanity. Love you Tiny! :slight_smile:


Meta Knight from Kirby


Master Chief - Halo series

#11 This one ok?


Cat :3

#13 Matrix :slight_smile:

#14 Resident Evil


I would like to keep my model