[Prop Hunt] Not in Browser and Stuck at Authenticating with Steam [closed]


Prop Hunt

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Some players are able to connect to Zink Prop Hunt via their favourites (queenlemongab has done this), however the server does not appear on the browsing list under Prop Hunt, and attempting to connect either via invitation or by using the hyperlinks in the Discord #zink-servers channel pinned messages. In the case of invites, the invite is never actually received even though it is definitely sent. In the case of using the Discord hyperlink, Gmod opens properly and tries to connect to the server, but gets stuck at “Authenticating with Steam…”. Both punk daddy and I have had issues this way.

One common thread here is that both punk daddy and I updated our Steam clients today, but queenlemongab did not. Maybe this has to do with the update?


Valve keeps changing our token on us even though we’re using it
I reset the token and restarted the server. Should work now :+1:


Just a heads up, I believe this is happening again right now (2018/12/12). Same symptoms (although haven’t tested one person disconnecting and the other being able to connect immediately).


Renewed GSLT
Should be fixed now