[Prop Hunt] Recommendation to remove ph_hospital as map



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Issue and Suggestion

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So the issue here is that many players have problems loading the majority of textures for ph_hospital, and players will quit very abruptly once they load into the map (not that there’s a bug forcing them to quit though, it’s an active choice on their part). I’ve been on at least 3 times when we had at least 10 players on the previous map, people naïvely vote for ph_hospital (despite me actively telling them not to), and once it loads in, we get down to 4 players by round 4, and 1 player by round 5 or 6. This is not a one-off event, this is a consistent pattern.

The suggestion part integrates my opinion of the map with regards to Zink:
It is too large and has way too many props and identical/mirrored rooms for the number of players typically on the server. So combine this with the texture loading issue, and you get a map that simply doesn’t seem suitable to keep on the server.

Thus my suggestion is to remove it from the maplist/server.
(And perhaps this would allow for swapping in an old map to replace it, e.g. ph_warehouse)


Thanks for the feedback,
The map has been removed from the map voting list