[Prop Hunt] Shen431's Staff application


Your in-game name: Shen431.
Server you are applying for: Prop hunt.
Your age (We require our staff be 13 years of age or older.) (If you wish to keep this private, please contact us.): idk if it will be ok but I’m gonna be 13 in about 2 months and 11 days after I’m done sending this.
Your Discord tag: shen431#1521
Your past experiences or why you believe you would be suitable for staff on our server: I may not be suitable but the reason I want to be a staff is to help others and invite more people to play this, have fun, stop all the bullies that try to bully all the other people and to tell all the people that are glitching/bugging out the map and those who take spots that you cant die in to not do that.

Sorry, this may not be a good reason, but I just wanted to see if you guys would like to hear my idea. also I can suck at English sometimes.


Thank you for applying but currently staff is full, also we’d like users to have more hours before they get staff. Please keep up the enthusiasm and be around a bit longer. This app will stay here for future reference,
----------------------------------------PH staff