Prop Hunt staff application


Your in-game nameNeonWolf74
Server you are applying for:[prop hunt]
Your age (We require our staff be 13 years of age or older.) (If you wish to keep this private, please contact us.):I am 15
Your Discord tagNeonWolf74
Your past experiences or why you believe you would be suitable for staff on our server:I have been on this server for id say almost since it started but like a while after,as some of you staff memebers know i had to get my computer fixed so that was mry reason for lack of activity,I know a lot of the staff members all on prop hunt and some on other servers for zink gaming,im a creep and made my very own zink shirt a long time ago even though it was ripped i still have,I want to a staff member because i try to help the server be a fun safe place for players and as you seen ive been trying to help by reporting players that have been breaking the rules BOOM.


Putting you on trusted for now.