[Prop Hunt] T1gg3R702's Staff Application


Your in-game name: T1gg3R702
Server you are applying for: Zink Prop Hunt-Double-Jump|Prop-Rotation|Shop
Your age (We require our staff be 13 years of age or older.) (If you wish to keep this private, please contact us.): 15
Your Discord tag: T1gg3R702 702#1116
Your past experiences or why you believe you would be suitable for staff on our server:

I think i would be a suitable staff member for your server because i am a very friendly person. i love helping people, and cooperating with others to get stuff done. I also agree with all of your rules, and follow them, and want to enforce them. i am online nearly everyday, so i could keep things inline while other admins/mods are offline. I am a very funny person, or so I’ve been told, and love to make others laugh and enjoy themselves. I Haven’t played on the Prop Hunt server very long, but I already love the way everyone treats one another. I also have experience using the ULX Admin mod, and have some good common sense.