[Prop Hunt] Teleportation Scripts over easy to Exit Maps locations



Prop Hunt (And perhaps TTT, idk if it has unstuck)

Issue or Suggestion:
Making a teleport script box in some map areas that are easy to exit the map.

Description of problem
Some maps that have areas that can be access with the unstuck command, and in rare cases when turning into a huge prop ends up under the map.


  • Under Hotel Black, when turned into a car sometimes end up under the map. should be easy since there are no basement on the map.

  • Under Jail, same as hotel black but as a bed frame.

  • Above the metal crate in backyard

  • Above the house in island house

  • Above outside the window of the room with the beams that hides certain props in the dark, in Clue.

There are a few mores that idk how, but one is Spaceship, outside the windows.

Though if anyone has an idea of locations should post them.

[Prophunt] Suggestion For illegal spot termination

The issue is this isn’t a simple fix. Unless we nerf !unstuck,which we’ve tried doing before that caused a lot of issues.