[Prop Hunt] Whale's Staff REapplication






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About almost a year ago i used to be a staff member of this community, and had 3 to 4 months of experience, (before that used to have the trusted status) but my life became a higher priority, gaming needed to calm down for a bit, now things are better than it used to be, but still need lots of things to take care of, of course.
Anyways, i’m reapplying again, since i just got a hold of a decent computer, on the hopes of being a staff member of this wonderful community that is zink.

[Prop Hunt] Whale's Staff Application

Welcome back to staff Whale!



Your in-game name: Whale
Server you are applying for: Prop Hunt
Your age (We require our staff be 13 years of age or older.) (If you wish to keep this private, please contact us.): 19
Your Discord tag: Whale#4931
Your past experiences or why you believe you would be suitable for staff on our server:

first started in August 2017, had to leave for a few months due to some issues on my old computer and came back in January 2018, since then i’ve been playing non-stop for 6 months.
It’s been a month or two since i got the “trusted” status and I’ve used it hundreds of times to help the community and i have almost 500 hours on the server, i’m on it almost everyday. But most of the time when i’m around, a staff is needed, - constant team swapping, players out of the map boundaries, and more -. All those months on zink, all the friendly people on it, made me want to be apart of it even more. Never had any problems on the server, and honestly, after seeing the staff in action, i’ve learned alot, and using the staff powers for the sake of the server wouldnt be a problem.

*Sorry about my english - Its not my native language - *


Welcome to Prop Hunt Trail staff!
– PH staff