[PropHunt] Report ghosting players


Name of Reported Player

Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovsky

SteamID of Reported Player

STEAM_0:1:420640415 and STEAM_0:1:430618513




We’re a group that often play on this server, but tonight it was really a pain with these two ghosting players. They were sticking together as Hunter and prop, and as soon as the prop died, the hunter one would instantly reach every other props, one by one, without hesitation, whatever the hiding spot. I have recorded footages if necessary.

Thanks for the actions taken!



Thank you for reporting this to us, we will take care of this as soon as possible! You also report it in our discord! Thank you for reporting this!


Thank you so much for that insanely fast answer, I was thinking about becoming a donator as we passed some time on your server during this crisis time… now I’ll do it as soon as possible, thanks for your service!