The Second Chance... -Josh


Your in-game name: Tayco
Server you are appealing for: Zink TTT and Zink Prop Hunt
Your penalty (Ban, mute, voice gag): Perma Banned.
Reason why you believe that your penalty should be lifted:

Two months or so I go, I was banned for being Depressed and talking about it in game. I know what I was thinking and doing was stupid. I know that a treated people disrespectfully, because I was banned.I am glad you banned me, because I then had time to see a Professional, who has helped me through these 2 months. I have been getting better and I now have a better mindset. When I first started playing on Zink, I was this shy guy who really didn’t talk much and I had no friends. I felt like I should cuss and do things to make people like me. I naturally don’t cuss and I naturally and a great guy to hang out with. These two months have been the worst months for me, I have lost most of my friends on Zink, and I regret all of the things I did and the things I said during that night when I was ready to give up my life. I know I cannot blame depression for my actions; because I blame myself.

I would like to apologize to Joshua (Sir McAfee), for seeing him ban me for two weeks as a bad thing, when he was trying to help me. He was trying to show me that I really needed help, and that I should take a break from Zink and everyone. I did not see that then, but I do see it now. I am glad that I have been able to grow better mentally and physically. Thank you Joshua… I am truly sorry for the disrespect and for questioning the way you did things…

I am sorry.

I would also like to apologize to Meow (Sarah), I am sorry for pushing you away and breaking your trust. Saying things that were supposed to be private, and saying them because I was angry at you. Sarah I am sorry for mistreating you and being an all out Jerk. I know you were trying to help me when I was sad, and you would always find a way to make me Happy.

I am sorry.

I would like to apologize to Joker, I am sorry dude… I really am. That night when I was pissed and filled with anger. I took it out on you. I was an A$$hole, towards you. You were trying to protect me and make me stronger by banning me. I have to say you really helped me that night, you let me speak to you with a judge free call. You were one of my Best Friends, and I ruined it all in 6 hours. I am sorry my dude. I know I have f_cked up.

I am sorry.

There are many more that I wish I could list here, but by doing so it would be at least another 10 more. I am sorry everyone for my actions, for my words, and for my wrongs. I believe I have changed from being that guy who was a depressed jerk, and now I am Josh. Just Josh.

The Reason why my penalty should be lifted, is because I believe in the term “Second Chance.” I would hope you could just give me a second chance to show you I have fixed my lifestyle and I am better.

“Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder.” -Tia Mowry



I am going to have to reject the appeal. From my perspective you are still casting blame, also beyond your depressive state we gave you many chances before this. You had disrespected players a few times and argued with us over thatn just to clarify more why the ban was set.


Well Johnny, am I forever not allowed to come back? And where do you see that I am casting blame?


I never said forever but in the grand scheme a month or so is not enough time. And where I see blame being cast is when you say “I was banned for being depressed” you know I respect you as a person, but zink is not ready to have you back yet. People still remember and the wounds are still fresh.


Okay Johnny, I will wait longer. Because I know you know what’s best in the end. So I trust your decision.