[TTT] Add EasyScoreboard for better SteamID acquisition + more bling




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TLDR: EasyScoreboard adds customizable tags and a right-click menu to the scoreboard so you can give players extra ID/bling and grab players’ SteamID’s and profiles easier.
EasyScoreboard for TTT (which can be found at https://github.com/rejax/TTT-EasyScoreboard ) is an addon that edits the scoreboard for TTT to not only show customizable tags for ULX roles and individual players but also allow you to open up a right-click menu for each player where you can grab their SteamID and view their profile. Admins can also find admin functions in the right-click menu such as kick, ban, gag, etc.

EasyScoreboard only has one .lua file which you edit to add tags and moving gradient colors for tags. Tags can either be bound to a ULX rank or a specific SteamID. SteamID tags trump ULX rank tags. You can either give ranks static colors using RGB or moving gradients which you define below all your tags. You can also give tags icons, which by default draw from the silkicons library, though you can add custom icons. I personally use this feature so if a moderator has a custom tag, you can still easily identify them as a moderator. In a nutshell, you can use tags so players can easily identify moderators/admins, + it can give donators extra bling and personal expression.

Another great thing about EasyScoreboard is that if you right-click on a player, you bring up a context menu where you can go to a player’s profile (which makes adding people on the server as friends WAY EASIER) or copy their SteamID to your clipboard (you no longer have to use the status console command, woo). Admins also get shortcuts in the context menu to use user management commands on the user you right-clicked on, which include kick, ban, gag, mute, and others. I personally don’t use this feature but it could be more convenient for some of your staff.

Please add this plox ktnxbye

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