TTT Application( The MildSausage A.K.A Father)


Your in-game name : The MildSausage
Server you are applying for : TTT server
**Your age: 19
Your Discord tag : TheMildSausage#9288
I believe that I will be an effective asset to the server. I sadly do not have any other server watching history. I do however have experience in dealing with people and their stubbornness. I am known to follow the rules and I will convey those rules to others, even those close to me. I am currently the Art club President for my school. I am tasked with relaying the rules and observing peoples behavior in my club. I am currently on the server almost all the time. What you should expect from me; I’m straightforward and hardworking. Most importantly, reliable. Big note: im re-applying and i copied and pasted my old message.

Thank you.


I don’t know what I’m what doing