[TTT] Chaos's ban appeal




Banned for mass rdm and attempting to bypass current ban

After these past couple of days I’ve realized that I shouldnt have went on a rdming spree when I got upset with the hitboxs and with certain items being removed because of a bug with the detective menu. I’ve been thinking back on what I should have done instead of rdming and I should have just gotten off when I started getting upset and come back when I was less angry. I also realized I kinda took TTT as a sort of competitive gamemode when its not and it should just be played for fun with your friends and the random players that join everyday. So with all that I’ve said I am sorry for how I acted in the past and if you do give me a second chance I wont come back and complain about things that are being worked on and will take some time to be fixed.


You have been unbanned.

Please make sure to follow the rules and respect what staff say.