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I’ve been a regular on Zink TTT for ten months and counting. This time has given me enough insight on the rules that the server staff hold and expect both players and staff alike to follow. I have experience staffing multiple defunct Garry’s Mod communities (irrelevant but by the names of Dryed and Lunar Gaming) in addition to this one, which brings me to why I left. It was a decision I made based off of my lack of will to go on concerning some issues I had with the community which I feel have since been resolved, as well as my growing tired of the ruckus that the careless people of the world would direct towards myself and those playing alongside me for just enforcing the rules as a staff member. Truth is though, enduring the stress is worth it if it means making sure the greater community can just relax and have a good time. I desire to see Zink flourish again at some point, and believe I can help with that. Thanks


Welcome back!