TTT map, playermodel and weapon vote!





Issue or Suggestion

Suggest new maps, player models and weapons!

Description of problem

To vote leave a like on the comment, to add a suggestion just post a comment here!
make sure to put the link of the new thing you wanted to see TTT have with the name of it, you can also describe why you want it or thing it should be put in. Please make separate post for each suggestion. Player model size limit 4 MB
This will end 8/16/2019 6:30 PM EST.


Well the weapon i would like to see in Zink ttt prop hunt is an AK 47


The Double Barrel from Lykrast’s TTT weapon collection (below)


More ttt roles like jester phoenix serial killer and more haven’t been on the server so don’t know if it’s been added or not but why not give it a try


Blake Belladonna Playermodel


Ghostface Playermodel


Nidalee Playermodel


Snoop Dogg Playermodel


Zelda Playermodel


Emperor Palpatine Playermodel