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Onyx Warfare



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I have been admin on another TTT server for 3 months known as Kings TTT, during my time I had to slay, gag, and mute players, I haven’t had to ban any players for any Major rules. I played on Zink TTT for six months as well as having the Trusted rank before it got took out, also I have volunteered to help staff when needed. I have been working hard on understanding the rules more and getting to know the community better. My goals for being staff on Zink TTT is to generally help in any way I can, this involves keeping the game fun as well as enjoyable for other players, I do understand that being staff is more then just fun and games there for that its a role to be taken seriously, I will jump on the server whenever I am needed also I will notify other staff when I am not available. I do understand that there will be times I will have to punish friends and regulars so there will be no bias out of me, I will punish myself when its needed, I will not let emotions determine my actions on how I punish players, I will be responsible for the enjoyment and well being of other players. Finally I will notify other staff if I can’t handle a situation or for assistance when needed. I understand that will require more training.


I am sorry to inform you, but your application has been declined you are not yet fit to staff for the server. You can reapply in 30 days Thank you for applying!