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[IM] Spear#9313

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I was Admin on Zink TTT. Before I surrendered it to focus on getting my college Education.

However, with college now finished. I believe I can return to being a helpful staff member apart of the Zink community. I’ve been here for the better part of 3 years now. And (From what I’ve been told.) Was a decent staff member/player/friend to the community of Zink.

While I won’t say I’m perfect by any means. I am fair when it comes to play. And I do enjoy interacting with everyone on the server.

I’m also available throughout most of the day. And even at night/early morning in most cases. So if something is happening within the server that requires staffs attention. I tend to be the first one on to address it, if necessary.


After looking at your staff application we are sorry to inform you, but you have not been accepted please feel free to re-apply after 30 days.