TTT Spring/Summer Player models, maps and Weapons vote!



Zink TTT

Spring Voting!

Hello! this is Zink TTT, 2020, Spring/Summer, New player models, maps and weapons vote!
Vote by giving a comment a heart <3. Make sure to make a new post for every suggestion.
START: 2/16/2020 5:00 PM, EST.
END: 3/19/2020 10:00 PM, EST.

Please put the link of what you want to see on the server and the name of what it is.
EXAMPLE: - TTT onett

Player models: 4MB Size, has to be human like (Can’t be on 4 legs and has to be Default Garry size
also known as the old man. They can though be a little smaller or taller.), have to have working hit boxes (Head hitbox 100 HP Damage, Body 75 HP Damage, arms and legs 25 HP Damage) I will test out all player models and reply back to you if they don’t have working hit boxes.

Maps: Can’t get outside map boundary, has to have weapons spawn, Cant be to big and can’t be to small. as big or bigger then,Toy soldiers. Can’t be smaller then Nuketown.

Weapon: Can’t be over powered.
(No black hole gun, double barrel, Traitor Revive.)


Model :
Map :
Possible T Weapon :
Possible D Weapon :


Name: Eto San

Steam link:

Tested already.


Name: All Might

Steam link:



Name: Sakura

Steam link:



fox ones


Model suggestion: -Yuno Gasai