Unfairly banned


The cow goes moo

The cow goes moo



unstuck abuse
It said “after multiple warnings” of which I was only warned once by this person
I had already done it so warning me after my deed should not count as “multiple warnings”


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I warned you multiple times earlier today about freerunning, and I warned you multiple times not to exploit using !unstuck 3 times before day banned you because of your problem causing earlier today. I warned you while you were talking about exploiting the door, while you were doing it, and after you had done it.


Cow. You were on the entire time I came on the server. I had told multiple people, the entire time, that abusing the unstuck command is not allowed. You had plenty of warnings, more than you should have. Cheating/exploiting/glitching/hacking/scripting/abusing are all NOT allowed on the server and all of that is clearly stated in the MOTD. You will be unbanned in 18 hours. The next time you abuse this command, it will be a permanent ban. I hope you understand and have a great day.