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Welcome to the ZinkGaming forums!

ZinkGaming Forum Rules

  1. Respect all staff and everyone here in the community.

    • Racist, sexist, slurs, or inappropriate things in messages, names, or avatar pictures are not allowed.
    • Cursing is allowed when not used to insult another person.
    • Do not engage in sexual discussions or post sexual images.
    • Do not use this site to cheat or meta-game on any Zink or non-Zink game, game server, or game community.
    • Any actions that have taken place outside of Zink but are deemed to negatively affect Zink may lead to penalties or removal from the server.
  2. Do not spam threads or in any of the threads, such as repeatedly sending the same message or constantly using caps.

    • Do not post advertisements or recruitment in any form, such as for any other gaming community or chat server, without prior permission from @Nystrata. (Verbal, links, suggestions)
    • Avoid low-effort jokes in images.
  3. Check the individual category topics for category rules.

Be aware the rules can be changed at anytime and can be effective retroactively.
Messages that are edited or deleted may be recorded.