Zink Prop Hunt and TTT Custom Player Models


For more information about donations in general, please see the Donations Homepage.

Note This is currently only applicable to Prop Hunt.
Note All custom model work is handled by @Nystrata or @moonrose1234
Warning Do not send any money until we confirm that your model is approved and working.

For anyone interested in a custom player model for prop hunt, here are the details:


  • First step: You need to find a model that you want to use on the server
  • Second step: Create a topic on the Issue Tracker with a link to your model.
    • You must state whether you want this model to be only available for you, donors only, or all players. See the Pricing section below.
    • You must add the Workshop link in the topic
    • You must title topic to contain “[Prop Hunt] Custom Model Suggestion”
    • You should mark the topic as a Suggestion
  • Third step: I’ll need a few days to check over, test, and approve your model.
  • Fourth step: After approving, we will ask you to pay for it. See the Pricing section below.


We have two kinds of models, private (for yourself only) and public (donors or everyone)

Private (for yourself only)

  • We charge a fee of $10 a month for private model, with a minimum of 3 months ($30 minimum)

Public (for donors or all players)

  • We charge a one-time fee of
    • $15 if you want your model to be available to only donors
    • $30 if you want your model to be available to all players

NOTICE If you are planning to donate money to us, please be sure that you can do that comfortably, because we cannot return any money to you after you’ve donated.