Zink Prop Hunt Staff Guidelines


Please tell a Prop Hunt superadmin if you spot an error!

If you would like to apply for staff, please see the About the Staff Applications category topic.

Staff Guidelines For Zink Prop Hunt Staff


Welcome to Zink Prop Hunt Staff! These guidelines have been not written as perfect rules to abide by. Instead, they are written as recommendations and guidelines for staffing procedures. We don’t expect you to follow these exactly to the letter, but these are helpful for determining what penalties to take when certain situations arises

Why is staff important? The reason we have staff is purely to help keep zink a safe environment for all players to get on. The rules are set so that all players can have fun, and that there is no cheating. Staff enforce these rules and make sure that we can all enjoy the game. If you are confused on why something is a rule, you are always free to ask one of the superadmins.


For Zink Prop Hunt staff, we primarily use the #staff-prophunt channel on the Zink Discord server (invite link: https://discordapp.com/invite/UTgYU32). We’ll also look at the ZinkGaming forums (link: https://zinkgaming.net/forum) for long term discussions.

You can also contact the superadmins by direct messaging us on Discord:

  • Nystrata#0361
  • TinyPandaHero#8260

Q: "We should use Skype instead"
A: “A lot of players have issues while running skype. Discord allows us to have multiple text channels and keep things organized.” - TinyPandaHero
A: “Skype can be a big battery drain and Discord’s layout makes things easier to manage.” -McPomegranate
A: “Skype is terrible.” - Nystrata


On Zink Prop Hunt, there are multiple tiers of staff roles with their own purposes.

Role Description
Trial-Staff Trial-Staff are those we have accepted a Staff application and are in “training”. Permissions are not that different from Trusted, although this is the time we want Trial-Staff to explore their moderator tools and commands. Players can apply for this position.
Moderator Moderators have a priority to keep the chat friendly, but also have some permissions to handle game-play related problems, such as catching cheaters and finding people hiding in banned spots
Admin Admins have a priority to take care of game-play related problems such as catching cheaters, finding people in banned spots, balancing the teams, and keeping the Jukebox requests and library under control (see Jukebox)

One of the things you may notice is that you don’t see these titles in-game. Instead, you’ll often see a title simply displayed as “[Staff]”. The reason we do this is because past experiences have shown us that misbehaving players will behave differently depending on what role is online, such as being more compliant when an Admin is online than when a Mod is. To discourage this, we opted to make all of the staff titles appear the same in game.

We don’t believe in having a set maximum number of people per role, such as “There can only be 5 admins and 7 mods.” If we believe that a person performs well in their roles, we will promote them as we see fit. With that, there isn’t a reason barring us from granting everyone admin if we believe that’s the best choice.

Note If you are a staff member on another Zink server, you can not have the same role on both servers, such as Admin on Zink Prop Hunt and Admin on Zink TTT. You must decide on which server you will you will prioritize your staffing efforts on, such as Admin on Zink Prop Hunt and Mod on Zink TTT. Ask the superadmins of the servers you plan to staff on for details.

Note If you are a staff member and need a break from Zink or even gmod, please let a super admin know. You do not need permission, but it would nice to know if you are not free for whatever reason.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Superadmins: Sir McAffee, TinyPandaHero, and Nystrata.


Loud voice chat, mic spam, ghosting on mic, being rude, hate speech

Relevant roles: Trusted, Trial-Staff, Moderator, Admin

This involves a plethora of both text and voice chat offenses that can happen on the server, including being obnoxiously loud on mic, spamming, ghosting, being rude, and using restricted words on the server. Use !mute for text chat related offenses and use !gag for voice chat related offenses.

Note Please also keep in mind that threats to the server should be seen as serious. Bring it up to the superadmins to get the proper ban time

  1. Warn them
    You’ll want to do this in both voice and text chat. Using !hint NAME MESSAGE works well here. Do mind that all players on the server will receive the message.
    Avoid using @@@ or ulx csay for warnings. While the message does appear in the middle of the screen, most people ignore this.
    Depending on the severity, you can do this multiple times before escalating.
    If it gets bad, you may also kick them as a warning if you have verbally warned them before.
  2. Gag or mute them for 5 minutes
    Ideally, this will last a full round.
  3. Gag or them for 15 minutes
  4. Persistently gag (!pgag)
    If you do not have permission to use this, contact a staff member with a higher role.
  5. Ban them
    See the Ban Time Lengths guidelines below.
    If you do not have permission to use this, contact a staff member with a higher role.

Avoid using server-wide gags (!gag *) as much as possible. This discourages non-offending players because they are being treated unfairly because of the actions of the few. If you feel like you must do so, restrict this 1 minute at maximum. One legitimate reason for a full server gag is that if there is a fight going on within the game and need to settle it. Use the gag so that you may explain to the offenders not to do it, then promptly ungag the server. If there is still an argument going on, then simply gag those involved.


Relevant roles: Trusted, Trial-Staff, Moderator, Admin

“Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behavior that disturbs or upsets, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is behavior that appears to be disturbing or threatening. Sexual harassment refers to persistent and unwanted sexual advances, typically in the workplace, where the consequences of refusing are potentially very disadvantageous to the victim.”

  1. If a player is harassing a staff member or player please give them a warning, if they continue then refer to the banned times. Also inform a superadmin about any harassment that is happening, so that we can be informed.

  2. If a staff member is harassing a player or a player comes to you about another staff harassing them, do not confront this person, inform a superadmin and allow them to handle it. This also goes if a staff member harasses anyone else on staff.

  3. Please keep in mind that harassment is illegal and we do take this seriously. Reporting all cases of harassment will help keep zink a safe server for all players and staff.

  4. (Recommendation: Using racial slurs (variations of the N word), harassing other players and staff are a 2 day ban minimum after initial warnings to stop.)

Inappropriate Sprays

Relevant roles: Trusted, Trial-Staff, Moderator, Admin

A spray image is considered inappropriate if it contains nudity or is intended to be sexual. If someone sprays an inappropriate image, use !cleardecals to clear all sprays and then disable their ability to spray with !dispray PLAYER.

Ghosting or Cheating

Relevant roles: Moderator, Admin

This is one of the trickier things to handle because it can be incredibly difficult to determine whether a player is actually cheating. While there are ways to educate a guess, there is rarely a solid way to check if players are actually cheating. We recommend giving them the benefit of the doubt if you’re unsure.

  1. Let the anti-cheat handle it
    Often times, the anti-cheat will catch and kick the most obvious cheaters and those who are using technical cheats. You’ll want to review the reason why the anti-cheat kicked someone. It’ll report it in chat when it does. However, the anti-cheat won’t catch all cheaters, so you’ll need to keep your eyes open for them.
    If the anti-cheat reports being out of date, let Nystrata know.

  2. Check if their friends are online
    Most ghosting occurs when players are on opposing teams and can then feed information to each other. See if their friends are on the opposite team. If so, swap the friend to the same team.

  3. Spectate them
    The best way to spectate a cheater is to be on their team. Watch through the first person viewpoint and note where they aim, and how they look about the rooms they enter. If you find that a player is simply walking up to props and killing them without searching, or if their screen is jumping from prop to prop, then you might have a cheater of sorts. It’s easy to know when friends are ghosting when the player has to stop and listen and/or read before taking action. They will often search one spot for a longer period of time when trying to follow what their fellow friend is saying.
    If at any point you think someone is ghosting, but are unsure of your own opinion then simply ask another staff member if they can help you watch. If that member is in the game, use the admin say to talk to them privately. Do not accuse the player or comment on their actions before solid proof is found.

  4. Taking Action
    Once you have the proof you need, then take the proper course of action. Should someone be scripting cheats then ban them according to the ban time lengths below. Remember to place your reasons while banning.
    When you find friends are ghosting on the server on different teams, simply !ts the player and then explain through chat or on mic that we discourage ghosting and therefore have decided they should play together on the same team on all maps on this server. If they dislike this, they are free to find a different server. Should they argue, or continue to try to cheat with one another staying on separate teams after map changes this is after all warnings are given, then proceed to the ban time lengths.

All actions taken MUST be logged in discord under #staff-log. Stating the username and Steam ID along with the offense committed as well as the action taken.

Warning through the !awarn

  • When to use the !awarn system please keep in mind that this is for lesser things such as mic spam or chat spam. Slight rudeness that needs to be stopped, players disrespect or getting in banned, glitched spots. If a typed and verbal warning does not work then start using !awarn.
  • Using !awarn on larger issues like ghosting or harassment or anything that is not acceptable on zink that is not already a permaban is alright, just use it more for the written warning if they are ignoring you.
  • DO NOT RELY SOLELY ON AWARN, it is not meant for larger issues. Just small things.
    • 3 warnings is a kick
    • 5 warnings is a ban for 1 hour
    • 7 warnings is a ban for 2 hours
    • 10 warnings is a ban for 24 hours

Reporting issues with other staff or maps

  • If you notice a broken map or any issues with a map, please tell us on the Issue Tracker

  • If you are having an issue with another staff member that isn’t really seen as harassment (See above) then you can bring up your concerns with a superadmin. Please do not confront staff members for serious issues, such as if you believe them to be abusing or breaking rules. This is something for superadmin to handle.

  • If you have heard a staff member maliciously gossiping about other players in a game or on the Discord, tell a staff member. We do not tolerate harmful gossiping.

Ban Time Lengths

Relevant roles: Moderator, Admin

Setting how long a ban lasts mainly relies on your best judgement, but we thought it would be helpful to give you some times we think are the most effective. However, your sentencing should not exceed the recommendations below. Mods can only assign banning lengths up to two weeks. Contact a staff member of a higher role if a longer length is needed.

Offenses Recommended Ban Time Length
First 30 minutes to 2 hours
Second 1 or 2 Days
Third 1 or 2 Weeks
Fourth Permanent

Note Please also keep in mind that threats to the server should be seen as serious and should be brought up to the superadmins to get the proper ban time.


We use ULX as our main admin tool for Zink Prop Hunt. Almost all ULX commands are prefixed with the ! character, so if you wanted to use the hug function, you would use !hug command in chat. You should explore what features and commands are available to you by using the !menu command in-game. Do note that not all commands will be available to you. Here’s a short list of the important ones that we think will be useful to you. Ask any of us for help with them

Avoid misusing or “abusing” the mod and admin commands for your own amusement. Doing so inappropriately can lead to your role being revoked from you.

For the following table, if two commands are listed in a row, the first command is the command being described, the second does the opposite of the first.
For each command

  • Replace PLAYER with the player’s name.
  • Replace TIME with the ban time length, such as
    • 30 for 30 minutes
    • 1h for 1 hour
    • 1d for 1 day
      See the Ban Time Lengths section for details on how long to ban someone.
  • Replace REASON with a message of the reason of why they are banned.

Essential Commands

Chat Command Description
!motd Opens the server’s MOTD message, complete with server information and rules
!menu Shows you a graphical list of what commands are available to you.
!kick PLAYER REASON Simply disconnects a player from the server but still allows them to reconnect. Often used to warn someone. Replace REASON with a message on why they were were kicked
!mute PLAYER, !unmute PLAYER Temporarily disallows a user from sending text chat messages on the server. The effect is lost when they leave and rejoin the server.
!pmute PLAYER, !unmute PLAYER Persistently disallows a user from sending text chat messages on the server. Unlike !mute, the effect stays even if they leave the server and rejoin the server.
!gag PLAYER, !ungag PLAYER Temporarily disallows a user from using voice chat on the server. The effect is lost when they leave and rejoin the server.
!pgag PLAYER, !ungag PLAYER Persistently disallows a user from using voice chat on the server. Unlike !mute, the effect stays even if they leave the server and rejoin the server.
!ban PLAYER TIME REASON Disconnects a player and does not allow them to join the server for a specified amount of time. Let a superadmin/owner know if you need someone to be unbanned.
!hint MESSAGE Sends a notification message to everyone on the server. Useful for warnings, such as when people aren’t looking at chat. Replace MESSAGE with what ever you want to say.
!tp PLAYER Teleports a player to where you are looking at. Useful when players are stuck and the !unstuck feature fails to move them
!noclip Allows you to fly and pass through walls. Often not needed as spectator mode will grant you the same features

Spray Management Commands

Chat Command Description
spraymon This isn’t a chat command. Use spraymon in the game’s developer console instead. Opens up a window with previews of all the sprays that players have placed when you were online. (Sometimes this command doesn’t work for all players, they will say Unavailable Just ask another staff member if they can see it.)
!cleardecals Attempts to clear all decals and sprays from the server. You may need to run this a couple of times to fully clear all sprays.
!disspray PLAYER, !enspray PLAYER Persistently disables a player from being able to spray. Useful if someone sprays an image that is not allowed.

Teams and Prop Hunt Specific Commands

Chat Command Description
!teamswap PLAYER Swaps the player from the Hunters team to Props, or vice-versa. (You can also use !ts instead.)
!teamspec PLAYER Moves the player into the Spectator team. Useful for when a player is idle for a short amount of time.
!givegrenade PLAYER Gives the player that doesn’t have a grenade, a grenade
!spawn PLAYER Revives a dead player. Often not needed.


Unacceptable Songs

As of current, do not approve the following kinds of songs

  • Anime theme music
  • Undertale theme music
  • Jokes or “memes”.
    • Could slide if it’s really high quality - ask Nystrata first
  • Dubstep or EDM
  • Songs with heavy explicit content
  • Songs over 4 minutes

Approving songs

  • Preview the song to make sure it’s an acceptable song.
  • Make sure that the titles and artists are correct* Remove “HD”, “OFFICIAL”, “LYRICS”, “MUSIC VIDEO”, and the like from the song titles

“No anime songs. Also make sure you get the titles correct :c” - Nystrata
“No Pomf Pomf :(“ - TinyPandaHero